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Pack CodeBTL10666-50ml
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Pack CodeBTL10666-30ml
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Multi-Stick Cylinder Deo

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The Multi-Stick is a multi-formula twist up deo bottle that is entirely made of PP. Its single-material structure makes it completely recyclable.

Features & Benefits

Multi-Stick is an extremely adaptable ally for Makeup, Skincare, and even Fragrance formulations in solid form. The large diameter of the multi-stick makes it ideal for formulas that need to be applied to a larger area of the face or body. Soft formulas mix seamlessly into the skin and solid compounds are suitable with this pack. Great for deodorant, sunscreen, serums, blush, and more.

Product Details

Sizes: 50ml, 30ml,

Primary Material: PP

Additional Materials: 42% PCR PP (Option)

Item Shape: Cylinder

Minimum Order Quantity: 10000

Printing Options: Injection Label Laser Offset Spray Color

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