September 25, 2014

Travel Sized MakeupThanks to new advancements in packaging and printing, brands are now making high quality, miniature versions of their products available to allow consumers to try them before committing to a larger size. Additionally, these smaller sizes are great to spread brand awareness.

You may be thinking that travel-sized products have existed for a long time, and you’d be right. However, the popularity of beauty sample service companies is what is currently driving this trend. Perhaps you’ve seen the ads, or maybe you’re a customer, but these innovative services typically deliver packages filled with varied trial-sized cosmetics. Each month, customers get a different group of samples.

Luxury Samples Require Intricate Packaging

Sample subscriptions allow cosmetic companies to get their products in front of customers that may not have heard of them previously. In fact, an NPD study shows that 83% of subscribers were influenced to buy the full-size product. And, because these services are paid for with a monthly fee, companies are now making money from their sample sizes. Though, when we say sample sizes we don’t mean the typical travel-sized products you can find in the grocery store.

Often, these items perfectly mirror their larger counterparts. Not only does this make them more attractive to the consumer, they’re user-friendly and tend to be fresher thanks to air-tight packaging. These are high quality samples of trendy, brand-name products, and really boost brand recognition.

As the trend grows, manufacturers are facing bigger challenges when it comes to printing. In order to match the larger brand images, companies now need to print intricate images and metallic ink onto smaller packages.

For more information about how this trend is changing cosmetic packaging and printing, check out this article by Beauty Packaging.

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