May 2, 2014

cosmetic tubesWe know that one of the biggest issues for customers in the personal care industry is a need for fast delivery. This is precisely why East Hill now maintains a large inventory of tubes in varying sizes. In most cases, we can deliver blank multi-layer COEX tubes within 24 hours of placing your order. If silk screened, we can typically turn the first order within 10 days and any reorder in 5-7. Any professional in the industry knows that this is an extremely convenient service, as tubes often take too long to source.

Additionally, our tubes are useful for a much wider range of products. While single layer tubes are technically the most popular products, they cannot maintain certain active ingredients that our multi-layer tubes can. However, multi-layer tubes can be used to package the same materials as single layers.

In addition to tubes, we supply pumps, jars, airless bottles, and a number of other products. Give us your toughest deadlines and we’ll match them, and with great customer service. Our in-house design team will even create a custom look for your product that aligns with your brand’s image. Our printing and labeling services include silk screening, hot foil blocking, digital printing, 3D printing, and more. We genuinely enjoy catering our business to better suit the needs of our clients.

Thanks to our in-stock tubes, we can also supply smaller quantity orders for a custom run. This is perfect for a company looking to do a test run or a soft launch of a new product. Our customers can work through the initial launch before committing to a much larger order.

In the last year, we’ve doubled our customer base without losing our personal approach to each transaction. We always put the customer’s needs first, offering a variety of products with faster shipping than our competitors. Additionally, our services are priced affordably so we’re accessible to any client. East Hill is committed to providing the best quality service as quickly as possible.

Check out our inventory of in-stock cosmetic tubes, jars, and airless bottles.