June 15, 2016

LPS7113We’re proud to announce the release of our new pumps, sure to keep personal products fresher than ever. These innovative pumps are ideal for shampoo, conditioner, body washes, and more, as they keep out moisture and water like never before. Consumers will no longer have to worry about leaving products in the bath or shower.

The new pumps from East Hill Industries, Inc. include the following features:

  • “Outside spring” technology to prevent rust and bulk contamination
  • Completely waterproofed to keep out moisture and stop bacteria growth
  • Mechanism to twist on and off
  • Various actuator styles available
  • Smooth or ribbed collars
  • Gloss or matte finishes
  • Outputs ranging from 1.5-4.5 ml

See some diagrams of this technology below:

For more information on the pumps, please visit this page.