July 2, 2015

If you’ve ever wanted to shop for makeup online but weren’t confident you’d get the right shade, you might be interested in this new business venture. Perfect365, an app by ArcSoft that allows users to add filters to photos that create the appearance of makeup, has teamed up with Nudestix touch ‘n’ go makeup to eliminate that issue.

Using the app’s new #GONUDE filter, users will be able to try out digitized shades of Nudestix’s eye, lip, and cheek products on photos of themselves. According to Beauty Packaging, the company intends the filter to really mimic real life application. Not only will Perfect365 app users get to update all of their social media profiles with improved selfies, they’ll get the Nudestix shopping experience without ever leaving home.

A Digital Makeover

While Perfect365 has always given app users the experience of trying on different shades, this is the first time that a specific product will ever be mentioned. This new way of digitally trying on makeup is sure to become an instant trend.

Beginning July 7, you can find the Mystic Lip+Cheek Pencil, Magnetic Eye Color pencils in Gilt, Immortal and Lilith, and Concealer and Sculpting Pencils available in the #GONUDE Hotstyles filter. If you end up liking what you see, you can even purchase the items through the app and watch a how-to video to recreate the look in real life.

You can find more on Nudestix products here.

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