May 26, 2017

Travel Sized MakeupThe personal care industry has seen phenomenal growth over the past five years, and all signs say the growth will continue. This is particularly true in developing countries. There are a few major consumer-driven trends that are dominating the industry.

Change in Consumer Habits in Developing Countries
As rising income and change in legislation affect developing countries, personal care buying habits are changing. Not only are hygiene rituals becoming more advanced and involving more products, but reusable and recyclable packaging is becoming more important.

Eco-Friendly Packaging
Sustainability has never been more important. Refillable packaging, lightweight packaging, and smaller aerosol containers are just some of the trends that major brands have caught onto. These options can also offer better pricing for savvy shoppers.

More Portable Packaging
Today, many consumers have a major interest in travel. They prefer products that travel easily and meet the size limits for the airport. These products also should favor easy dispensing and squeezable tubes.

Value-Size Products
This ties into the portable packaging aspect, but consumers also attribute value to the smaller cosmetics. For example, buying travel sizes of luxury makeup or perfume allows consumers to have a larger collection of items.

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