January 21, 2020

lip gloss tubesLip gloss trends have been on the scene for decades, but a recent resurgence has led to a predicted increase in lip gloss tube sales over the next 8 years.

Projections made by Future Marketing Insights and various global cosmetic packaging sources support these claims.

Let’s take a look at why lip gloss tubes are worth the investment!

3 Reasons Why Lip Gloss and Tube Packaging are on the Rise

1. Travel Ready

There is nothing better than the ability to keep your most frequently used beauty products nearby at all times! Lip gloss tubes take up little space and applicators remain secured so you will never have to worry about making a mess while you are on the go.

Products that offer convenience are valuable to the average consumer; lip gloss is the perfect beauty product to tote around on a daily basis.

2. Easily Customizable

There are so many lip gloss tube variations on the market. Looking for a sleek slender design or maybe something less conventional? There are plenty of ways to highlight your product.

Some companies attach a mirror to the tube for precise application or opt for a glitter coating. Sprucing up your product with a decorative overlay is a great way to remain fresh.

3. Fun Factor

Beauty trends have shifted away from traditional formats and now embrace different and sometimes outwardly bizarre combinations of color. Gone are the days when red and pink palettes are the only options! Cosmetic companies have begun experimenting with all full range of colors.

Now lip glosses, stains and matte applicators come in a collection of interest colors to cater to various complexions and preferences. This increase in variety should have an effect on cosmetic tube sales.

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