October 9, 2015

Johnson & Johnson has put much effort into motivating consumers to recycle household packaging. However, their new initiative focuses specifically on children in grades 1-3. The Care to Recycle program, in collaboration with Scholastic, is part of a national educational campaign and contest to teach children the importance of recycling everyday items.

The contest is called PETE’s Bathroom Bin Challenge, and is open to both teachers and students until October 27. To enter, students need to write an essay and create an accompanying poster explaining why recycling personal care packaging is important. Entries can be submitted by parents or teachers. Ten winners will be selected to receive grand prizes.

Bringing Recycling Lessons Home

The campaign part of this program offers free lesson plans for teachers in a wide range of subjects including ELA, Math, and Science. There are also resources available for students to take home and complete activities with their parents. All of these resources help educate the students about recycling.

According to Johnson & Johnson, only 20% of Americans report recycling bathroom products. Since most of their products fall into this category, the company was motivated to prevent their own packaging from ending up in landfills. This idea was the driving force behind the Care to Recycle Program.

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