February 26, 2016

ICMAD Young Designers CompetitionThe ICMAD 2016 Young Designers Competition awards have been announced. As a sponsor of the event, East Hill Industries, Inc. couldn’t be more excited with this news. If you’ve been following along with our blog posts, you know that the awards dinner was held Thursday, February 18 with Chris Birchby, Founder and CEO of award-winning COOLA® Suncare, as the keynote speaker.

All three finalists received an all-expenses-paid trip to California to attend the Young Designers Awards Ceremony and tour three local cosmetics facilities: Benchmark Cosmetic Laboratories, Gordon Laboratories and The Beauty Collection. The winners in the 17th annual Young Designers Competition are as follows:

  • First Place winner and recipient of a $5,000 cash prize is Nicole Shepherd, American Academy of Art, Chicago, with her design, “Udder Madness.”
  • Second Place winner and recipient of a $2,500 cash prize is Emily Lora Harris, Colorado Mesa University, with her design, “Cloak.”
  • Third Place winner and recipient of a $1,500 cash prize is Stephen Finley, Colorado Mesa University, with his design, “Bearded Dragon.”

See below for photos from the event:

“We congratulate our 2016 Young Designers winners for their artistic abilities and innovative creations,” said Pamela Jo Busiek, ICMAD President and CEO. “ICMAD is honored to provide this highly-recognized milestone along the path of such promising talent that may help launch professions in cosmetics and personal care.”

“It was such an honor to participate as the keynote speaker at this year’s ICMAD Young Designers Awards ceremony and a pleasure to have the chance to encourage the paths of growing artists,” said Birchby. “To be recognized as a role model for aspiring designers and innovators in the cosmetics and personal care industry is a humbling opportunity and one we at COOLA Suncare were so grateful to experience.”

For more information about the honorable mentions and this year’s judges, check out an earlier post about the competition. Congratulations to the winners!