August 20, 2021

For the fourth consecutive year, Quadpack collaborates with Elisava design school on students’ final degree projects

Quadpack collaborates with Elisava design schoolSeven design and engineering graduates from Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, Spain, had a challenging final year project to present this summer: to design sustainable packaging solutions with added value to consumers, the environment and the society as a whole. For the fourth consecutive year, the students received mentorship and assessment from Quadpack’s professionals.

The collaboration between Elisava and Quadpack, who once again sponsored the degree project of the class of 2021, is one of the ways in which the company connects with stakeholders to share value and ideas. Working with academia allows it to foster young talent and inspire a mindset of collaborative innovation to create sustainable solutions.

The graduate project gives Quadpack unique insights into the minds of the next generation, bringing fresh thinking to industry issues, while supporting young designers as they embark on their careers. Over the course of the partnership, the company has employed several graduates and acquired the rights to develop the most outstanding concepts.

According to Elisava, the students appreciate the corporate perspective from Quadpack. Tutor, ex-alumna and former packaging professional Anna María de la Corral said:

“For the students, the final project is a unique opportunity to demonstrate, in the academic context, their worth as future professionals. The linking of this project to a company like Quadpack, which is involved both in proposing a real brief and in monitoring the project, making very valuable and professional contributions, allows the students to experience the reality of what will be their future profession.”

Quadpack’s Head of Categories Pierre-Antoine Henry, a member of the Elisava project review committee, said:

“This year’s students came up with some exceptional ideas. I always tell anyone involved with product ideation the same thing: start with the dream and work backwards. The students demonstrated their creative talent and did exactly that. As a packaging company, we are pleased to help them on the path to making their dreams a reality. We are able to share our experience in assessing feasibility and marketability, and transforming great ideas into real products.”

Previous projects covered new perceptions of fragrance (2018), skincare packaging for mature audiences (2019) and emerging trends in make-up (2020). Some projects have been displayed at design and cosmetics trade shows, included in market trend presentations and shared with selected clients.

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