September 11, 2015

Last year, now 19-year-old Dalton Maldonado’s photo was omitted from his high school yearbook because of his sexuality. Although the other members of his basketball team supported him, he was often harassed by the opposing team. Since his story got out, Maldonado has received a lot of positivity from the media.

Now Xyrena has launched its new unisex fragrance Formula 3 in honor of Maldonado. The packaging features a remake of his omitted yearbook photo on its label. Additionally, it’s named after his basketball number. A portion of the revenue from Formula 3 will benefit You Can Play, an organization that supports LGBT athletes.

A Fragrance With a Message

The label with the photo is meant to mimic a metallic trading card, while the color of the bottle is called “basketball orange.” The unisex scent is described as “fresh, clean, and athletic,” according to Beauty Packaging. It includes base notes of cotton flower and musk, middle notes of grass and ozone, with top notes of grapefruit, star anise, and bergamot.

Maldonado also made the following comment on the new fragrance, “At certain moments in our lives, we are compelled to be messengers of change. I’m grateful to be able to work on this fragrance opportunity with Xyrena because of its potential to support and inspire fellow athletes in the LGBT community.”

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