December 15, 2016

Man at barbershopA quick glance into any crowded restaurant or bar would tell you that burly beards have been the trendy look for men in 2016. However, is the lumber-look going out of style with the end of the year? According to a recent study by razor company Braun, most women hope so.

As reported by Beauty Packaging, Braun used an online survey to find out how over 4,000 women feel about current men’s facial hair trends. The results of the survey were as follows:

  • 51% said they preferred men’s faces clean-shaven, and 42% of participants said they preferred the stubble look for men in 2016.
  • 55% of women said they would like the men in their lives to sport a clean shaven look in 2017.
  • 61% of women have revealed that this Christmas they’d much rather share a festive smooch with a clean shaven guy, whilst a mere 1% would opted for a man with mustache.

If most men take into account women’s preferences when it comes to facial hair, 2017 looks to be a profitable year for razor companies. However, many cosmetics companies have seen recent success due to beard grooming cosmetics products, like beard oil, and may face some challenges if burly customers lose their scruff. Perhaps this coming year’s sales numbers will show who wins the battle between women and beards.

For more on this beard trend theory, read the full article from Beauty Packaging.


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