August 28, 2015

Mud MaskAt one point or another, we’ve all been told “a little dirt never hurt anyone.” Well, that’s sort of the idea behind Mother Dirt’s signature product. This body mist reintroduces ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB), or good bacteria, to skin and replenishes its natural microbiome. And since this mist was such a hit over the past year, Mother Dirt decided to also release a shampoo, face, and body cleanser which also preserve this bacteria.

Most personal care products tend to strip the skin of AOB, which the creators of the Mother Dirt product line do not believe is a good idea. Mother Dirt is the personal care branch of the AOBiome company. Founding Scientist David Whitlock has been studying the positive health effects of AOB for over 15 years. Currently, AOBiome is studying the effects of this good bacteria on skin infrastructure and infection prevention.

A Natural Approach to Skin Care

The driving force behind this company is finding a way to provide a cosmetic outcome in a more natural state. If recent trends are any indication, they could be striking with the right product line at exactly the right time. Now more than ever, consumers prefer natural and organic products.

When Whitlock began studying the ways that our ancestors kept clean before modern shower gel, many thought it was odd. Fifteen years later, that research has led to a product gaining major attention for its effectiveness without harming the environment. Because it operates like a dry shampoo, users can keep clean while conserving water. It’s not the most conventional personal care approach, but its popularity is growing.

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