March 30, 2018

Not too long ago, the East Hill team returned from the 2018 Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna. We had an excellent time and enjoyed the opportunity to network with others in the industry — both familiar and new.

This year was a record breaking event for Cosmoprof Bologna. There were upwards of 250,000 visitors as well as an increase of 11% in foreign visitors. 2,822 exhibitors from 70 different countries were able to attract this international audience.

Not surprisingly, digitization and green solutions were major themes of this year’s show. The following quote from Fabio Rossello published on Premium Beauty News sums it up perfectly:

Our daily habits and thus our consumption choices are being rapidly influenced and changed by the ceaseless move towards digitisation”, said Fabio Rossello, President of Cosmetica Italia. “For cosmetics companies, it is crucial to be able to transmit and consolidate our reputation and values in the world of digital information, social value included: indeed, this is increasingly considered to be one of the trademarks of our industry.

Additionally, Cosmoprof and Cosmopack announced the winners of their 2018 awards and honored industry innovators. This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award went to beauty industry personality and fragrance creator, also known as the famous “nose” of the Maison Hermes, Jean-Claude Ellena. She is credited as one of the major innovators attracting new consumers to high-end fragrances.

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