July 10, 2014

CosmeceuticalsHave you come across any cosmeceuticals during recent peruses of the cosmetics aisle? Would you recognize them if you did?

A recent trend in the cosmetics industry has been to work on beauty from the inside out, meaning they are cosmetic products supposed to have some of the same medical benefits of pharmaceuticals. Many of these products include vitamins meant to improve the quality of your hair, skin, or nails, while others could be a lotion that promises anti-ageing results.

According to Cosmetics Design, a recent line of vitamins being sold globally at Sephora is a major indication of how quickly the cosmeceutical industry is advancing. Industry experts say this growth will only continue in coming years thanks to technological advancements and holistic beauty trends.

At least in the U.S., consumers are advised that although these products advertise medical benefits they have not actually undergone clinical testing to support those claims. Instead, they are approved by the FDA and packaged with a label warning consumers to assess the product for themselves.

While many of these products may actually come through on their promises, it’s also important to remember that “cosmeceutical” is more of a marketing term than a medical one. It can’t hurt to do a little research before making a big purchase. However, a product that can simultaneously enhance health and beauty is certainly an intriguing concept. Keep this in mind as you browse cosmetics products, as cosmeceuticals are bound to be populating more and more shelves.

Remember, a huge portion of looking beautiful comes from feeling beautiful.

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