November 5, 2014

UK-based packaging supply company Collcap is moving to a new facility after seeing turnover double throughout the past five years. This new facility in Leebrook will be equipped with conferencing spaces, technical suites, and more office space for the growing staff. It will also feature an open floor plan.

Perhaps the most notable addition of the expansion will be the new Collcap showroom. Here, customers and visitors will be able to get a firsthand look at the packaging services offered by the company. A showroom is a unique way for cosmetics and personal care companies to browse potential packaging options and become inspired by previous work.

Collcap Packaging

Although Collcap is based in the UK, the company also has a strong presence in Asia and North America. They have offices in Hong Kong and China, with representatives in Taiwan and the United States. In the last four years, Collcap has seen a 40 percent expansion, and is now planning to hire more staff for the scheduled 2015 move.

Some of the products supplied by Collcap’s global sourcing network include:

  • Twist & Click Pens
  • Applicators (Sponges, Wands, and Roller Balls)
  • Compacts
  • Pots and Containers

In addition to these and other cosmetic and personal care products, Collcap offers top-of-the-line design and printing services. For more information, visit the company website.

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