October 12, 2017

Halloween MakeupThe latest trend on Halloween seems to be intricately detailed makeup looks. Whether it’s a zombie or witch you’re attempting to channel, make sure you’re using quality products to achieve each look. Otherwise, yours or your child’s costume won’t be the only spooky thing this Halloween.

A study by the Breast Cancer Fund has revealed that more than half of face paints and cosmetics that are marketed for kids have at least one toxic ingredient. The study tested 48 Halloween makeup kits. Lead was found in nearly 20 percent of the paints and cadmium in nearly 30 percent.

What to Look For:

It is difficult for the FDA to regulate recalls of cosmetics products, so it’s up to consumers (in many cases parents) to investigate what products are safe to use. Here are some things to avoid:

  • Dark-pigmented makeups. These tend to have higher percentages of heavy metals.
  • Glow-in-the-dark cosmetics. There is only one luminescent color approved for limited cosmetic use. If you’re in doubt, shy away.
  • Bad smells. Don’t assume a strange smell is just dye. It could be a sign of dangerous contaminants.

Be sure to spot test any cosmetics before applying to your face, and avoid applying too closely to your eyes. Of course, never go to bed with your Halloween face on. You never know what types of rashes, pimples or other types of curses might stick around after the holiday.

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