May 31, 2023

Quadpack reviews its first year as a B Corp, creating a positive impact as part of a growing and evolving global community

imageChief Impact Officer Tim Eaves

Quadpack is celebrating its first anniversary as a member of the global B Corp community. With a common goal of using business for good, it has been busy working on each of the five pillars of workers, community, environment, governance and customers.

Being a B Corp means measuring the impact in each area and trying to improve the company’s social and environmental performance. Quadpack aims to increase its initial score of 82 to reach 110 by 2025, tying executive reward schemes directly to that objective. Moreover, it means being part of an eco system that shares best practice, learning from each other and helping prospective members achieve common goals, in a spirit of collaboration and generosity.

Specifically within the beauty sector, Quadpack is part of the B Beauty Coalition, a global network of B Corporations working together to improve the industry’s social and environmental practices. The Coalition recently launched the B Beauty Navigator to help companies and consumers make more sustainable choices.

There is much to be done and scope to accelerate change, with the performance requirements for B Corp certification under review in response to community and stakeholder feedback regarding evolving conceptions of leadership in social and environmental performance. The proposed draft demands full compliance in 10 key categories, regardless of the overall score, an initiative endorsed by Quadpack.

The meaning of B Corp is evolving, as more businesses aspire to join. Chief Impact Officer Tim Eaves, recently appointed as a B Corp Multiplier, believes that the movement is gaining momentum. He said: “Within Quadpack, I am seeing a gradual change towards conscious decision-making and more awareness of our stakeholders, whether they are colleagues, clients, suppliers, communities or the environment. In the industry in general, people are questioning the impact of their decisions and we have to keep encouraging each other to be more conscious every single day. I see it as the start of a tidal wave. Hopefully, in a few years, we won’t have to talk about being conscious or not, being a B Corp or not, because all businesses will be striving to be good for the world.”

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