November 12, 2023

Quadpack accompanied the new brand with the design and development of a refillable aluminum jar


Bonjout Beauty was born from a passion for skin radiance. Featuring over 60 active ingredients, its star product, Le Balm, is a solid 8-in-1 serum that encapsulates clean beauty. The sumptuous treatment bar is kept in a luxury ‘macaron’ case that is refillable for endless use. The airtight aluminum jar keeps the formula fresh and was tailor-made for the brand by Quadpack.

A new entrant on the market, New York-based Bonjout is differentiated by its focus on minimalist skincare, though Le Balm itself is far from simple. The company was founded by French pharmacist Dr Natacha Bonjout, building on 15 years of skincare knowledge and a deep respect for nature. She said: “When I created Bonjout Beauty, my goal was to create just the essentials in the most sustainable way possible – including how I source ingredients, creating the cleanest formulation standards, and my beautifully refillable packaging.”

Bonjout was acutely aware of the importance of packaging. Despite being a start-up, it ensured there was room in the budget for a bespoke solution. Creative Director Paola Naugès conceived the striking design of the macaron-shaped case. Together with Quadpack, the product went through a number of revisions to get it exactly right.

The luxury case now perfectly supports the brand story, being effortless, elegant and eminently French. It comprises an aluminum overshell and a PP inner jar, to ensure compatibility with the complex formulation. Being a waterless product made it especially important for the packaging to protect it from the elements when not in use, an objective achieved through the case’s airtight construction. A creamy white matte lacquering, with the brand’s logo debossed on top, provides the finishing touch of this ‘quiet luxury’ packaging solution.

“The case is very eye-catching. People love to keep them in view and carry them around, as an attractive object that’s part of their lives. They are often surprised it is a refill, as it is so well integrated,” said Dr Bonjout.

Developing our bespoke packaging was a great experience. We were very lucky to work with Quadpack. The team showed a thorough understanding of our needs and supported us every step of the way.


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