August 29, 2018

EHST15WJ-1Living in the age of information overload requires effective packaging; if your product stands out, you may be able to dictate a buyer’s behavior. In fact, this isn’t a new phenomenon; Harvard Business Review compiled a research article in the 80’s suggesting that 69% of cosmetic purchases within drug stores were unplanned, making well-designed packaging crucial for a window shopper.

So what packaging factors command a buyer’s attention currently?

A study presented by Transparency Market Research recommends cosmetic jars. According to their research this market is on the rise and will continue to increase in value over the next four years. Let’s look at three reasons why cosmetic industries and consumers are turning to cosmetic jars for their packaging needs.


We are seeing a wider range of products in cosmetic jars these days. Before, jars were exclusively used for facial creams; however, cosmetic companies have branched out, packaging their body lotions, hair products, makeup, soaps and powders. Why the trend? The increase in e-retail calls for dependably sealed, portable packaging for their buyers. Your brand’s success depends on the user’s experience, so delivering a positive user experience by supporting reliable packaging is paramount.


Many brands continue to promote eco-friendly packaging as a marketing tactic; however, these products tend to be costly. Although the majority of us look for eco-friendly alternatives, a Luminer survey found that 68% of survey respondents said they would not pay more for products that use sustainable/eco-friendly packaging. Plastics still dominate the cosmetic jar market because they are cost effective and conveniently offered in several different sizes. Additionally, consumers look for reusable packaging options and cosmetic jars are often a perfect container to store other items once that product has been used.


As we’ve stated, first impressions matter. Using jars to package a variety of cosmetic items are trendy. Remember, aesthetics is everything! Providing a special experience for the user can be accomplished by including custom typography and coloring. At East Hill, we offer customizable options, so your brand will stand out.

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