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Diameter34.2 ± 0.3mm
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Diameter43.50 ± 0.3mm
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Clear PET Foamer Bottles 100% PCR (Recycled)

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Eco-friendly PCR Foamers available in 50ml and 200ml capacities made from PET and PP recycled material.

Pack Codes:
BTL5001-S-200ml (200ml capacity)
BTL5001-S-50ml (50ml capacity)


Features & Benefits

  • Made from rPET recyclable material and remains fully recyclable
  • Economical for a wide range of products
  • Easy top filling (fill & screw)
  • Cylinder shape is easy to decorate
  • Compatible with most products
  • Standard neck size
  • Improved product shelf life up to 15% more
  • Foamer great for hand washing, shaving cream, facial cleanser, soap dispensing, etc

Product Details

Sizes: 50ml, 200ml,

Primary Material: PCR (rPET / PET)

Additional Materials: PCR (rPP / PP)

Item Shape: Cylindrical

Neck Style: Screw-on

Minimum Order Quantity: 10000

Printing Options: Label Offset Silk Screen Spray Color