December 30, 2015

CologneGlobal information company, The NPD Group, released a report that tracks the habits of men when purchasing cologne. The information they uncovered may help cosmetic companies better market for men for the fast approaching holidays.

First, the information showed that six in ten men are most motivated to search for fragrance when their own inventory is running low. Other popular motivation factors included in-store influences and price. Additionally, most men report that they use the same amount of fragrance year after year. Though, those who increased consumption admitted that they did so in order to find a scent they or a partner liked better.

According to GCI Magazine‘s interpretation of the data, the two most important characteristics men look for in a scented body product are a subtle scent and good value. In fact, more than half of men choose a larger-sized fragrance container because it indicates a better value.

Finally, younger men are the most willing to experiment with scent. This is indicative of the massive growth the men’s personal care industry has seen recently. According to, the men’s grooming market in the U.S. alone is worth $6 billion. This is an industry that has far outgrown just fragrance, but now includes anti-aging gels and cosmetics.

However, the male cosmetic companies face the branding challenge of putting out products that make men feel good about themselves without making them feel emasculated. Some companies who have overcome this challenge have done so with discreet packaging and marketing for health over beauty.