wood glass packaging alternativesEnvironmental concerns have been a hot topic in the world of cosmetic packaging for some time. This has led many companies to search for eco-friendly, unique alternatives for packaging.

While plastic has evolved over time, it’s still one of the most popular packaging options. Today many packaging companies are working on using alternative materials to give their products a fresh feel.

4 Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Packaging Materials Making News

1. Glass

The demand for glass packaging continues to reach surprising new numbers! No longer are the days where glass would only hold your perfume. Cosmetic companies are turning to glass for oils and small-batch specialty productions. Nothing says high end and safe for the environment like a reusable glass bottle!

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2. Paper

Recently, cosmetic companies have been experimenting with new paper-based materials! Although we are a long ways away from offering liquids in 100% renewable containers, cardboard and paper packaging have become popular among powders, deodorants and balms.

2. Metal

Another notable front runner making waves in the news of future alternative packaging is metal. Recent reports suggest metal will be a global game changer in the packaging industry, forecasted as one of four materials recorded to increase the value of the cosmetic packaging market by roughly 9 billion dollars by 2024.

4. Wood

East Hill wood cosmetic jarRecent news confirms wood will take its place among the innovative alternatives, offering a sleek design that appeals to a growing client-base of individuals devoted to natural, sustainable beauty.

Since 2013, Quadpack, has offered wood packaging on a selection of caps, lids, compacts and more; however, the company just introduced a range of wood packaging collars available at East Hill Industries!

These wooden accessories add aesthetic appeal and eco-chic sensibility that will make your brand stand out.

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